10 Percent of US Singles are utilising Dating Sites

Check out online dating research from the POF weblog. In my opinion these numbers tend to be for 2011 and just concern the usa.

  • There are 54 million millionare singles
  • of these ten percent (5.5 million) are currently making use of a matchmaking service
  • 2.6 million buy the service leaving 2.9 million which do not.
  • In general 8.8 million have attempted internet dating

According to the US Census last year there had been 95.9 million unmarried people in the united states. Thus I imagine about 40 per cent of the must certanly be in a number of sort of common-law union and merely have never married. In my opinion that ten percent figure of people who utilize adult dating sites probably has not yet changed much throughout the last 5 years. The key now for dating sites is to get one other 49 million to test online dating sites.

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