An Authentic Talk With S Florida Entertainer Carlos Antonio Leon

An authentic talk with S Florida entertainer Carlos Antonio Leon. The Hollywood Reporter published an article on April 3, 2015 about the new award. The award is for lifetime achievement in entertainment and the honor will be presented to Santana. His first TV show, “Echoes of Berlin,” is scheduled for release this fall. In addition, the Los Angeles Times is expected to recognize him for his contributions to the music industry.

Portrait painter

After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, John Ford joined the Air Force, moved to Mexico, worked as a portrait painter, and eventually to San Francisco where he studied astronomy and took classes at the Dutch National Theater. His first feature film, “The Passion of the Christ,” told the story of a French woman’s affair with a Black soldier.


After completing his studies at Ohio Wesleyan University, Ford joined the Air Force, traveled to Mexico and began painting portraits. He later moved to San Francisco, where he began to write short stories and make films on the side while driving the cable cars. After his release of The Passion of the Christ, Ford wrote and directed a feature film about an affair between a French woman and a Black soldier.

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