Battery Sizes and Types For Your Hearing Gadget

In order to properly care for your batteries, you must understand the difference between the different battery sizes and types for your hearing gadget. These types of batteries are meant to run smaller, low-powered devices. Typically, a size 675 battery will power a larger hearing aid or cochlear implant. The battery size and type will determine how long they will last and how much they cost. Read our article below to learn about the different battery sizes and types and which ones work best for your hearing gadget.

Usually does not cause problems

Depending on the type of hearing gadget you have, you can choose from different battery sizes and types. Some of these batteries are used in button cells, and they are 7.9 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height. They come with an orange tab and are the most common type of button cell. The capacity of a size 13 battery is 280 mAh. For reference, a rechargeable NiMH battery is around 35-40 mAh. Silver-zinn batteries have a slightly higher capacity, but they do not typically cause problems.


When selecting the battery for your hearing gadget, it’s best to read the user manual carefully to ensure that you’re purchasing the right one. Some batteries may not work properly when the battery is low or too large. If the battery is too big, or too small, you need to check it with the hearing healthcare provider or audiologist. These devices usually come with a user’s manual, so make sure you understand it completely before buying a new one.

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