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Some of the most famous actors and actresses have appeared in the same film many times, such as Tom Hanks and George Clooney. In addition, there are countless films starring the same characters. But how does one decide which ones to watch? Some people find it difficult to distinguish between actors and actresses, so they look for common denominators. Fortunately, movie stars can help you make an informed decision.

Among these popular movie types are comedy and drama, and both are important in our culture. In Hollywood, movie stars are a great way to identify which films are the most successful. For instance, if a film is popular in the United States, it is likely to have a star on the front cover. Alternatively, you can look for a star on the poster to find out more about a specific actor or actress.

Among the most successful film types are the classics and the experimental. In the 1930s, young filmmakers began to experiment with transgression for artistic reasons, mainly in order to gain a following. For example, David Lynch and John Waters made films that were atypical and disturbing. These directors soon became movie icons. Those who loved these types of movies could also use them to mark these different film types. Movie stars can be used to mark these successful film types.

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