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How to Move Office 365 to G Suite

If you have a G Suite account and want to migrate to Office 365, you can do so using the ‘Move to Office – Google’ option. To do this, you should first connect your G Suite account to Office ‘Migration Wizard’. This wizard will help you import all your data. It also allows you to access your document libraries in both platforms. You can continue to use the same email account and collaborate on documents on either newspinup.

Follow the instructions

Once you’ve installed the G Suite installer on your computer businesslognews, you can launch the tool and import your Office 365 data. You’ll see a welcome screen. Select the ‘Move Office ‘tool’ and follow the instructions. Choose the ‘Move Office’tool.’ Once you’ve selected the G Suite option, you’ll see a Welcome Screen. In the ‘Move Office ‘Web’ section, click on ‘Add Source’ irtdaily. Enter your G Suite email address and then click ‘Move’.


Then, select the ‘Move Office 365’ option. You’ll be prompted to enable an IMAP connection to Google’s servers. Once you’ve authenticated yourself, the data will be copied to your Office ‘Web’ account. Once you’ve done this, choose the batch name and data type. To avoid losing data, exclude the ‘Move Outlook’ folder artdailynewsonline.

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