The Benefits of Silica For the Body

Silica is a mineral with many benefits for the body and skin. Studies have shown that silica can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, improve the quality of connective tissues, reduce inflammation, and help reduce cholesterol. Additionally, silica can stabilize joints and reduce inflammation in the body. It can even speed up recovery from injury and tendon problems. These are just a few of the many benefits of silica for the body.

Used in the lining of arteries

Another benefit of silica is that it is used in the lining of the veins and arteries. Because it is a component of connective tissues, it aids in their health and function. For example, silica helps boost the synthesis of collagen, one-third of the protein in connective tissue. This mineral also helps support the aorta, the tube that pumps oxygenated blood from the heart to the system. High levels of aluminum in the aorta are associated with cognitive decline and other diseases. Consuming silica in supplement form can reduce the risk of aorta damage due to high cholesterol levels.


Another benefit of silica is its ability to increase the production of antibodies and antigens in the body. These molecules are responsible for helping the skin retain moisture. These compounds may also promote alkalinization and mucous membrane health. They may also have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to promoting healthy skin, silica has many health benefits. The benefits of silica supplements are numerous.

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