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Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Facebook Page Likes

While purchasing Facebook page likes is a popular way to gain more followers, there are a few reasons that you should avoid doing so. First of all, buying these followers is not a good idea. These accounts are not real, and you don’t want to waste your money promoting them to spam accounts or uninterested people. Furthermore, buying them will dilute your real audience, causing your genuine fans to lose interest mytoptweets.

Not a good business practice

You may have heard about brokers who sell fake Facebook page likes to businesses, but these brokers only pay you micro-fractions per like, and they sometimes use software to force people to click the “Like” button. Buying these fans is not a good business practice because it’s not a good way to gain genuine followers. Besides, fake fans are not a valuable source of traffic for your business xfire.


Besides, you might have heard about how fake users can affect your marketing campaigns. Even if you can report them, it doesn’t mean they’ll stop using your page. And even if they do, you’ll have wasted your money. Instead, try gaining new fans by nurturing your existing ones. These people might become your future customers. It’s not a good business practice to buy fake Facebook page likes economictimes.

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